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I am a photographer from the Chicago area, and I had an incredible time photographing the sites and sounds at the festival. If you have any comments or would like to contact me about photographing an event, concert, or anything else please feel free to email me at Enjoy! Also check out my other pages here, here, or here.

Seven Head Division at Pre-Cornerstone*

Fine China

Sidewalk Slam

Mars Ill

MG! The Visionary*

Mike Knott* (Tooth & Nail Day)


Poor Old Lu* (Tooth & Nail Day)

Denison Mars



77s (Main Stage)

Mike Knott (Encore 2)* (Tooth & Nail Day)

Poor Old Lu* (Encore 1)

Stickman Jones*

Daniel Amos

77s (Gallery Stage)

Pedro the Lion

Aaron Sprinkle

Miranda Stone


Larry Norman

Third Day

Hanging out with friends*

Emmett (a very cute baby!)

Random People at Cornerstone

Random Images of Feet

Random Images on Cornerstone Farm

Seven Head Division at a Post-Cornerstone show*

My Cornerstone Story
The Official Cornerstone Festival Website
* shows which included members of Seven Head Division and/or The World Inside

All Images Copyright 2001 --Trilisa--